News, May 12, 2021

SLOWLY more successful than I expected...​

Within 3 days, SLOWLY has already passed the hundred listeners on SoundCloud! But the foreign streaming services are also listening a lot. Bizarre! I never expected that since I recently deleted the ‘Facebook Music page’ with over 100 followers!

As a test, this time I only reported the release via the ‘promotion tool’ of a separate Facebook Page to see what happens then.
To be on the safe side, I did not include the Netherlands in the promotion, only several other countries in Europe.

Since this is not really an accessible song, there are quite a few nice positive reactions coming my way.
I am also aware that there will be a lot of people who think it is ‘dredging’ but that’s no problem, everyone is allowed to have an opinion of course. I just throw everything online that I like and enjoy it immensely.

On Soundcloud I have a sort of ‘ranking list’ of all 24 songs that are now on it. So SLOWLY is already at number 12 with 102 listeners!

16/08/21 UPDATE:
SLOWLY has been streamed about 234 times and is now at number 6 (!)

You van check out the whole list on SOUNDCLOUD.

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