CENTRE OF GRAVITY - 12 inch remix version

Online: feb 2023

Centre of Gravity – 12 inch remix version (7.25)

© 2020 Track composed, recorded & produced by R. Koning
© 2023 Remix recorded & produced by: R. Koning

All instruments & vocals: R. Koning
Graphic Design: © R.Koning
Distribution: CDBaby

Credit notes:
In this production i used (and remixed) some parts of the following freesound.com samples:Dark Spoken Word Female Vocal Sample’ made by Sample Me, ‘Ufo Floating’ made by Petr2010.

In the vastness of stars, what do you see? Darkness”…

In the centre of gravity

Anyone who knows the secret, about you
Anyone who knows the answer, about me
About me, about you
In the centre of gravity

Anyone who knows the secret
Anyone, anyone, anyone
In the centre of gravity

I can tell you what you’ll find, in the centre

All the answers can be found
In the centre, in the centre, in the centre
In the centre of gravity

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