THAT'S IT! - Seven Songs of 94'

Releasedatum: 1999

Feel The Love *  |  Desire **  |  I Love Yoy So **  |  It’s All Over Now **  | Is It Realy True *  |  I Can See You **  | In Your Lifetime **

* Recorded in 1988 and ** in 1994 at Goose Pimples Music Studio, Hellendoorn.
Leadvocals by: Rob Koning, except on ‘It’s All Over Now’; leadvocals bij Robert Pot.
All backingvocals by Robert Pot en Rob Koning.
All songs composed and produced by Robert Pot for Goose Pimples Music Hellendoorn.

© 1988/1994 All rights by: Robert Pot
Grafische Vormgeving: Rob Koning
Fotografie: Rob van Wieringen

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