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First Breath (2.18) | Alone In My Room (1.04) | Einzelgänger (4.50) | Final Breath (1.45)

© 2021 Tracks gecomponeerd, opgenomen & geproduceerd door: R. Koning
Instrumenten, vocalen, tekst & grafisch ontwerp: © R.Koning
Einzelgänger: Duitse spreekstem: Rudi Böhmer
Foto: Pixabay
Distributie: CDBaby

(Einzelgänger) credit notes: In this production i used (and remixed) some parts of the following freesound.com samples: ‘Excessive Exposure‘ made by acclivity, ‘phone announcement (German & English)‘ made by foongaz, ‘Bell Outside‘ made by itsallhappening, Phone Hangup‘ made by jppi_Stu.

TEKST (Einzelgänger)
Voice: “We will not beheld responsible for any hearing impermanence,

or damage caused to you from excessive exposure to this sound.”

Answering machine: “Der gewünschte gesprächspartner ist zurzeit nicht erreichbar,
würd aber per SMS über ihren anrufe informiert, vielen dank”.


I’m an Einzelgänger, all alone in my room

Answering machine: “The person you have called is currently not available,
however he will be informed about your call attempt by an SMS, thank you for calling.”

I’m an Einzelgänger, all alone in my room

They still don’t understand me
But I do, i do

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