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Online: 01-10-2020

Move (6.16)

© 2020 Track composed, recorded & produced by: R. Koning
Synthesizer, vocals, lyrics, photography & graphic design by: © R.Koning
Distribution: CDBaby

Pictures were taken near the Amsterdam Central Station during the beginning of the corona crisis, March 2020.

Let’s move again
Come on’

I know the difference between a lover and a friend
And when the silence gonna make it all end

Let’s move again
We gotta move again

I can’t understand why whe have to separate again
Is there anyone who can explain
Why we have to keep the distance

We’ve gotta move again
Move again
Move, move, move….

Let’s move again
We gotta move again

The video:

Video recordings & editing: © R.Koning
I used some Pixabay video clips from: ‘Plexus‘ (Motionstock), ‘Lightning’ (HumanoideVFX), ‘Network’ (NewHumanDesigns), ‘Paint’ (Piro4D), ‘Landscape‘ (Anwaroptin), ‘Head’ & ‘Mask’ (ChristianBodhi), ‘Balerina‘ (StefWithAnF), ‘Subway‘, ‘Concert’, & ‘Crosswalk’ (Coverr-Free-Footage), ‘Motion‘ (Jeremiah7), ‘Tunnel‘ (Lawlaw91), ‘Jet(AHAHase).