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Online: 12-02-2021

On the outside (4.08)

2021 Recorded & produced by: R. Koning
Original version by: Roch Voisine
© 1990 Music & lyrics: Roch Voisine / Jame Campbell / Neil Diamond
All rights reserved by: © Universal Music Publishing Group

© 2021 Lead and backingvocals, graphic design, photo & video-editing by: R. Koning
Videographics: Pixabay

For my mom and dad…..

I recorded this song in 1994 as a demo and used it extensively on talent shows, etc.
When my parents listen to this version at the time, they both had a wish that this song must be played ‘someday’ at their funurals…
My mother passed away on Februar the 29th in 2016 so the old demo version has been played during her funural.
Very bizarre and uncomfortable to hear yourself singing during such a difficult situation.

Because i was not satisfied about the quality of the old version I decided to make a new recording wich i did in 2021.
I have tried to make it a better version. Especially as a tribute to my parents.

This version also gave me the inspiration to make a suitable video clip.
That was a very difficult process but i’m very proud about the final result.

It hope it takes a very, very long time, but this version will eventually be played at my father’s funural..


She was a woman, troubled like a river
Trees all around her, but I only ever came near enough
To hear her voice, on the outside
She was a woman, inside a castle
Knights all around her, and I never found myself strong enough
To reach and touch, from the outside

And every time I tried to swim across i thought I’d drown
And every time I tried to climb that wall i thought I’d fall
On the outside

She was a woman, frozen in a picture
Frozen there forever, with a smile that keeps me so warm inside
But still I hide, on the outside
She was a woman, farther than forever
Nearer not together, and I only wish I was back in time
‘Cause she’d be mine, on the outside

But every time I tried to find the love i left behind
But every time I tried to make her mine
Again I’d find myself, on the outside

The video:

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